“You can’t out exercise a poor quality diet and you can’t out eat a sedentary lifestyle…there needs to be balance!” -Allison

Health on Purpose is here to share tips and nuggets of knowledge from research and evidence based sources. You can add what you learn to your toolbox to take your health back into your own hands and live life on your terms!

Your health is dictated by your nutrition and lifestyle habits. I call them “The Six Pillars of Health”.

  • Nutrition = Food
  • Lifestyle = Sleep, Movement, Mindfulness, Connection and Environment

Health on Purpose is about providing education and guidance for you to build healthy habits that are sustainable to your lifestyle. You will have the knowledge to modify your habits as your lifestyle needs change!


Health on Purpose does NOT diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical symptoms, conditions or diseases.

Health on Purpose IS here to talk generally about the benefits of healthy nutrition, lifestyle habits and choices. This will be done by sharing research and evidence based information in an easily accessible and down to earth manner.