Why You Should Take your Health Back Into Your Own Hands

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”

– Heather Morgan

The ultimate goal for everyone is to live a long and happy life, right? When we are healthy and feeling our best physically, mentally and spiritually, does this not make us happy? Who can help us become happy and healthy physically, mentally and spiritually? Only YOU can!

            We are the ones in control of our own lives and all that comes with it. We are the ones who chose what our career is, where we live, how we eat, sleep, move, connect with others and our mindset behind all those options. We are in control of our own health and happiness. Some will argue that our genetics play a role, and to a certain extent they do. However, just because someone in your family has a chronic disease does not mean that you will too! What we put in our bodies, how we move, sleep and the environment we live in are a few factors that determine if the genes we are predisposed to will activate or not. For example, if a cardiovascular disease runs in your family, it does not mean that you will get that disease. If you properly fuel your body with whole foods and exercise, you can live a full, happy, healthy and long life!

            With so many chronic diseases on the rise (and I mean A LOT…like ALL of them), we need to start being accountable for our own health and happiness, not to just leave it up to your physician. They no doubt have your best interest at heart, but the current health care model is just not set up in a preventative health way; it is in a reactive state.

            The average doctor visit last 8-15 mins…that’s it! In that time, they are supposed to gather all your information that has happened over the last year if you have not been in to see them for something else. Do they ask you what you have been eating? How you have been sleeping? If you exercise? What about your stress levels? Usually not, and if you are to mention something about these, they may order a test, put in a referral to see another doctor or prescribe a medication. What if all you needed was a change in your nutritional habits instead of taking a pill? Unfortunately, practitioners in conventional medicine are very undereducated in nutrition. (More on this in tomorrow’s post!) There is certainly still a place for conventional medicine in the world (e.g. to treat emergencies and acute conditions). If I get hit by a car, please bring me to an emergency department!

            Insert yourself, health coaches (nutrition and lifestyle coach), integrative medicine, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, functional medicine, etc. These are a group of practitioners that focus on the whole picture: mind, body and soul. Using a patient centered approach, they look at you what you eat, how you exercise, how you sleep, how you handle stress, what your mindset is like, etc. The practitioner’s goal is to help you improve your quality of life in a way that aligns with your goals. They are there to guide you through all the fact and fiction around the latest trends, to find a lifestyle that fits your needs, and help you achieve your goals for life, not just for a few months.

            Whether you are single, married, with or without kids, a student, stay at home mom, nurse, construction worker, executive at a company, (insert your job title and marital status here), you are the one that is responsible for your health. No one will care as much for your health as you can. We only get one life, so make it a good one!

Keep following along for tips and information on how YOU can make subtle nutrition and lifestyle changes to live a happy and healthy life that you love! My goal, my mission, my passion and fire: to help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, one habit at a time!

Here’s to getting Healthy on Purpose my friends!      

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