Investing in Your Health is Investing in Yourself!

We may take out loans for education, a house, car, new x, y, z. We update our wardrobe or décor according to the latest fashion trends, buy the latest technology item or subscribe to some monthly club. We invest in our material happiness on a daily basis for our entire life to “Keep up with the Jones’s”, but how long will you get to enjoy those things if your are not healthy? We need to learn to invest in our health just as we invest in all these other experiences. The difference? These other items are trendy and are often obsolete before they are even worn out. Our health and our bodies on the other hand are wearing out daily and have a shelf life. How long we operate at optimal levels is up to us and depends on how we invest in ourselves NOW!

YOU are the President, CEO and Manager of your health and life. Like these other titles, you SHOULD have experts or someone extremely knowledgeable in the areas of health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, connection and environment), BUT you should also have a baseline of knowledge and practice established in these areas. That way when an issue arises, you can consult your expert in that field. In the end, YOU are the one to make the final decision on what needs to happen based on your lifestyle.

In other words, when you consult with your medical doctor, friend, nutritionist or health coach, make sure they heavily know your life’s story, goals and ambitions. If they do not take the time to really get to know you, how can they advise on what is truly best for you. Just like we pick out our significant other and friends based on their qualities and what they bring to the relationship, we need to pick out our healthcare team in the same manner. Your healthcare team should care about your past and what you want for your future and spend the time figuring it out WITH you, not FOR you.

Invest in yourself now so that when you retire, you are not to sick, overweight or tired that you spend all your time and money at your doctor’s office and hospital.

What is one thing you can do today to start investing in your health?

Here’s to getting Healthy on Purpose my friends!

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