Health for the Long Haul

Repost from @mindbodygreen

“As a physician working with top Silicon Valley investors and executives, has an unparalleled view on how we can take control of our well-being + empowerment. 👩🏻‍⚕️ On this episode of the #mbgPodcast, mbg founder + co-CEO, @jasonwachob, sat down with Dr. Maloof to chat about how we can truly optimize our health rather than trying to seek quick fixes”

In a society where we are always looking for instant gratification and quick fixes, (are they ever really the right thing to do?) health is definitely not something to look for a quick fix. You may get some results through a quick bootcamp or nutritional challenge, but have you developed long lasting SUSTAINABLE habits from these? Most likely not. They may have helped you get beach body or event ready, but what about after beach season or the event is over? Now what?

When looking at the course of our ENTIRE life, what if you invested just a small piece of time to work with a health coach or holistic practitioner building long lasting, sustainable, healthy habits that kept you looking and feeling good for your whole life? What if you kept chronic disease at bay, saving yourself time and money in the long run by staying out the physician’s office and medications you now need to take for life? Wouldn’t that be worth a little time and money upfront? (and I mean small amount compared to the average cost of a chronic disease over the course of a lifetime) To learn healthy and sustainable habits that fit YOUR lifestyle, and to learn how to adjust them when your lifestyle needs change. Could be life changing right? What is that worth to you?

Have a great weekend!

Here’s to getting Healthy on Purpose!

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