Allison BSN, RN, PHN, Pn1, WAG, CF-L1

RN Health Coach

Education/ Experience

BSN RN: Bachelor’s in Nursing (Registered Nurse with the State of Minnesota)

PHN: Public Health Nurse

Pn1: Precision Nutrition Level 1, Certified in Exercise Nutrition

WAG: WAG Certified Nutrition Coach

CF-L1: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

            Allison is the voice behind Health on Purpose. She is currently a licensed RN working in an SCU (ICU step down) for Allina Health with an immense passion for health and fitness. Most of her patients are suffering from chronic diseases where living a healthy lifestyle may have helped prevent. This is just one of the reasons she has decided to pursue a career as an RN Health Coach. Allison understands and has seen firsthand how nutrition and lifestyle habits affect a person’s overall health and believe’s it is vital that people learn how to live long, healthy and happy lives on THEIR terms.

She has been on her own nutrition and lifestyle journey since 2012. Allison has learned what she knows from her nursing education programs, reading research and articles, watching docu-series and documentaries, podcasts, reading books, participating in exercise programs, having a nutrition coach and completing nutrition/health coaching certifications. 

“Ultimately what I’m sharing with people is nothing more than they could learn on their own via the internet, books, documentaries etc. However, there is a lot of information out there and it can get pretty overwhelming at times. I can help them navigate through this process. If I would have had a coach helping me, what took me years to figure the basics out, I could have accomplished in roughly a year or so. Essentially, I am helping others to get on a path to living a healthier and happier life. I truly feel my purpose in this life is to motivate and educate others to make healthy nutrition and lifestyles changes to optimize their health and their life.”